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What Irving Property Owners Should Know About Raccoons

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  • date March 15, 2022
What Irving Property Owners Should Know About Raccoons

Wildlife management may not be on the radar for many homeowners. Find wildlife pest control near me to deal with trespassing raccoons effectively. Legacy Pest and Wildlife offers professional wildlife removal in Irving. Wildlife removal near me can take care of problematic pests. Whether residents seek wildlife pest control or humane wildlife trapping, raccoons have to go.  

Are The Raccoons In Irving Rodents?

Looking at a raccoon can give an observer the impression that this fuzzy creature is a rodent. These mammals are not rodents; they are members of the Procyonidae group. This category of tree climbers also includes the kinkajou and coati.

Both rodents and raccoons enjoy garbage scraps and may be seen in trees.  These types of pests have turned living alongside humans into a form of art. Mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons can also seek shelter inside human homes. 

Wildlife removal near me can address raccoons getting too close for comfort. If these bushy-tailed bandits are making messes and causing trouble, a professional wildlife management firm could have the answer.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Raccoons On My Irving Property?

While raccoons may not be as scary as rattlesnakes, these fluffy pests certainly present threats to both properties and household members. A pest professional may suggest humane wildlife trapping to safeguard the premises.

Raccoons are known rabies carriers. Raccoon roundworm is another health risk these pests can transmit to humans.

These creatures can also cause quite a bit of destruction in their efforts to create comfy den sites. Homeowners aren’t usually so thrilled with raccoon remodeling efforts, as they can equate to pricey repair bills. 

Eco-Friendly Raccoon Prevention Tips For Irving Properties

Before calling a professional wildlife removal service, some homeowners may want to implement natural preventative measures on their own. Successfully deter raccoons in the following ways:

  • Avoid Feeding: Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, so don’t provide them any opportunities for a free meal. Remove bird and squirrel feeders. If growing fruits and vegetables is a hobby, be sure to protect these plants and the harvest with netting or securely-installed chicken wire.  Favorite raccoon treats include corn and melons, just as they are ripe to eat. Peaches, berries, plums, persimmons, peas, and potatoes tempt these pests. 
  • Keep Up With Yardwork: Help keep raccoons away by maintaining a trim and tidy lawn area. These mammals will seek and find refuge in yard debris left untended. Promptly dispose of fall leaves, trimmed greenery, grass clippings, and fallen sticks after collecting. Keep firewood stored as far from the primary residence as possible but at least 20 feet away.
  • Take Care Of Trash: A garbage can is where a raccoon does his grocery shopping. These scavengers can make meals out of used and partially-eaten foods. Using a receptacle with a tightly fitting lid may not suffice. Try utilizing a lid specially designed to keep out critters. A concrete block can be placed on top of the regular lid to prevent raccoons from accessing trash. Bungee cords can also secure the handles and keep the lid in place. 

The Safest And Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Raccoons In Irving

Need wildlife pest control near me? Not sure if raccoons are passing through or becoming a real problem? Just ask a reputable wildlife pest control service like Legacy Pest and Wildlife for advice. Our technicians have the skill to determine the best course of action for handling raccoons. We then use our findings to take care of any home wildlife problem in Irving.

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