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Premium Pest Control Services

Our highly-experienced team can come to your property to perform general pest control services. We offer customized removal plans based on your situation and what you need from us. Our team uses only the best products on the market for quick and efficient results. Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about unwanted pests bothering you anymore!

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Rodent and Rat Control Services

If you’ve got a rodent problem, call in the experts to take care of it. Rodents and rats can cause major problems for your home or business. Allow us to properly and safely perform removal techniques that will cause the least damage to your property and ensure that the rodents don’t come back.

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Termite Control and Prevention

Termites can cause immense structural damage to your homes or businesses if left unattended. These small and silent pests can easily take down large wooden structures in a short amount of time. Don’t let that happen, and let us use our advanced technology to eliminate them from your property!

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Attic Insulation and Cleaning

If you’ve just had extermination done, it’s always best to do a full cleaning after. Rodents and pests often leave behind dirt and excrement during the extermination, and if you leave this unchecked, it will only attract more pests and bacteria. Let us take care of post-extermination cleaning and insulation to keep your property pest free!

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Removal Specialists

Work With Experienced Exterminators in Irving, TX

High-Quality Pest Control Care

When you’re dealing with pests, it can be hard to know who to trust. You don’t have time for an exterminator that’s going to take advantage of you or that doesn’t have the resources and experience to handle your problem. You need someone who understands your concerns and can help you make choices that fit into the bigger picture of making your home safe and healthy again.

That’s where we come in. Legacy Pest and Wildlife is Irving, TX’s premier pest control company, working in the industry since 2013. We provide comprehensive and customizable care administered with integrity by highly trained pest technicians who are dedicated to customer satisfaction above all else. Whether it’s termites or rodents, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered—and we’ll make sure your family is safe in their own home again!

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We offer discounts for first responders, veterans, and senior citizens

Comprehensive Pest Control

Trust Our Tried and Tested Solutions

We offer residential, commercial, and multifamily services throughout Irving, TX, and surrounding areas. Our Integrated Pest Control methodologies ensure that no matter the rodent or pest, we’ll safely and efficiently remove it from the premises.

Our services include pest control services, rat control, termite control, and attic insulation. We cover all bases of pest removal so that you can rest assured we’ll get the job done right. Don’t worry about infestations now or in the future. With our help, you can look forward to a property that is pest and rodent-free all year round!

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