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Ensure Rodents Never Get Into Your Irving, TX Property With Our Rat Control Services

If you have a rodent problem, Legacy Pest and Wildlife LLC is here to help. We have been working in the industry since 2013. We are a family-owned and operated business that provides comprehensive and customizable rat control to residential, commercial, and multifamily properties throughout the Irving, TX, area. Our highly trained technicians use only the highest quality products to ensure your safety from rodents and unwanted guests inside your homes or businesses.

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We Offer Customized Plans

We offer customized plans for each property based on the needs of your home or building. Whether you’re looking for rat control or squirrel removal, we can help! Our goal is to remove any rodents from your home as quickly as possible while keeping collateral damage to a minimum. In addition to removing them from your property, we can also provide exclusion services for rodents, where we work with customers to discover ways to prevent rats and rodents from entering the building in the first place. We will come up with a plan that works best for your situation so that pests will never be an issue again!

We can help with the following:

  • Squirrel removal
  • Rodent removal
  • Rate removal
  • Mice control
  • Mice prevention

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem in your home or business in Irving, TX, it’s time to give the rat control experts a call! Call now to learn more about how we can help!