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Welcome to Legacy Pest and Wildlife LLC, your trusted partner for effective mosquito control services in Irving, TX. Our mosquito control solutions are designed to protect your family, pets, and property from pesky and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

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Unlike other mosquito control companies, we have tested and found mosquito traps ineffective. Instead, we rely on more traditional mosquito fogging services that have been proven to be highly effective in eliminating mosquitoes.

Our mosquito fogging services are carried out by experienced and licensed professionals who use safe and effective techniques to control mosquitoes. We use only the best mosquito fogging products and equipment to ensure your property is mosquito-free.

By hiring professionals like us, you can enjoy numerous benefits. First, you will save time and energy as you won’t have to spend hours trying to eliminate mosquitoes. Secondly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is protected from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

If you are looking for tried and tested mosquito control services in Irving, TX, contact us today to schedule a consultation and start enjoying a mosquito-free life.