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The Secret To Total Wasp Control For Your Irving Home

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  • date August 15, 2022
The Secret To Total Wasp Control For Your Irving Home

Wasps are stinging insects that can ruin a good time at a picnic quicker than most ants because wasp stings contain venom. There are many different types of wasps, and some are more aggressive than others. Although these pests can cause quite a panic, the wasp is an essential pollinator in our environment. The Irving pest control professionals at Legacy Pest and Wildlife want to save you the risk of getting stung. Here we will explore the lifecycle of a common wasp and what you could be doing to attract wasps to your yard unknowingly.

The Life Cycle Of Common Wasps

A wasp colony is dependent on its queen. A queen can live for up to one year on average; however, she will see at least ten generations of her offspring grow into worker wasps and die within 24 days. There are many different types of wasps, and some have varying lifespans, but the colony lifetime is a pretty impressive act of nature.

In the spring, queen wasps emerge from hibernation to search for a sustainable place to nest. She begins the colony once she finds a home by building a few cells. The result is the beginning of a single hive, about the size of a kiwi. Wasps chew up wood and mix it with their saliva to create the resin needed for the construction of their nest. Once that is finished, she lays her first eggs inside each cell. Those eggs develop into worker wasps and will take over building the rest of the nest as the queen starts to produce eggs full-time. Queen wasps will lay up to 300 eggs per day.

In summer, a wasp’s colony will multiply rapidly and can produce up to thousands of wasps by the middle of the season. The nest, which starts about the size of a golf ball, grows larger than a football. Some nests become so huge they take up the entire space they have occupied. As summer fades, the queen produces more queens and fertile males.

Upon cooling weather in the fall, the queen reaches the end of her life, and the social structure within the colony weakens and eventually breaks down. The new queens are fertilized, leaving the nest to hibernate. The rest of the nest and colony die over winter.  

It’s a lot to go from one wasp to thousands in a matter of a couple of months. These stinging insects are venomous and can cause serious allergic reactions and pain to the person who gets attacked.

Why You Don’t Want Wasps Hanging Around Your Home

Pest control experts want to warn people against wasp nest removal in Irving without the help of a trained professional. Wasps will travel up to 1000 yards from their nest, and the closer you are to their vespiary, the more dangerous they become. If you think you may have a wasp nest near your home, don’t try to handle the problem alone. If you don’t currently have this pest problem, you may be interested in learning about wasp prevention.

Factors That Attract Wasps To Your Home And Yard

The factors that attract wasps are the same as all other pests, food, water, and shelter. Wasps are pollinators attracted to flowers; however, they are also predators and will hunt other wasps, caterpillars, and spiders for their young. Adult wasps don’t consume insect protein, but their offspring do.

  • Wasps take shelter in places like abandoned sheds, old tree stumps, and the underside of your gutters. Survey your property for potential places of shelter and spray the area with a soapy water mixture to deter them from setting up camp. Regular dish soap works fine.
  • Treat your yard for other pests. Diatomaceous earth works well to eliminate weaker pests like grubs and ants.
  • Wasps are attracted to fruit trees.
  • Untreated or decaying wood will attract wasps.
  • Open water sources attract wasps for two reasons. Wasps need to drink, but they will also prey on the mosquitoes hanging around standing water.
  • Native plants attract wasps, so try planting away from your home.

Wasps are attracted to the things that give them security and nourishment. Wasps will travel up to 1000 feet from their nests; however, the closer you get to the nest, the more aggressive they become. Wasp prevention is usually easier to handle than wasp removal in the long run. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve got a wasp nest, don’t try to remove it alone. The best way to get rid of wasps in Irvine is to call Legacy Pest and Wildlife.

The Most Effective Wasp Control Method For Your Home

Pest control is a key component of living a comfortable lifestyle. Legacy Pest and Wildlife guarantees customer satisfaction. We offer tailored home pest control methods to cover the current problem and deter any future pest problems on your property. Give us a call today to schedule a free inspection!

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