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Choosing the right help when facing pest issues can be daunting. Time is of the essence, and you certainly don’t need an exterminator who might let you down or lacks the expertise to address your concerns. What you truly need is a reliable ally who understands your concerns and stands by your side in ensuring a safe home.


Legacy Pest and Wildlife LLC, a leading name in pest control in Coppell, TX, has been safeguarding homes since 2013. Our commitment is to provide meticulous, customized solutions, executed by adept technicians driven by customer satisfaction. From menacing termites to intrusive rodents, we stand by your side to reaffirm the comfort and safety of your living space.


Across Coppell, TX, and its surrounding locales, we extend our services to homes, businesses, and apartment complexes. With our advanced Integrated Pest Control methods, we promise to address every critter or bug, ensuring a thorough and safe removal from your premises.


Our spectrum of solutions encompasses attic insulation, termite control & prevention, rodent control & exclusion, general pest control, and mosquito control. Our comprehensive approach to pest management guarantees efficient execution of tasks. Bid goodbye to present infestations and secure your home against future ones. With our support, envision a residence that remains pest-free throughout the year.

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