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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rodents In Your Irving Home

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  • date January 15, 2022
The Trick To Getting Rid Of Rodents In Your Irving Home

Some of the most common rodents you might be dealing with in Irving, Texas are rats and mice. Irving is no stranger to different kinds of rodents, however, these particular beasts are difficult to deal with. Mice, tail and all, can grow up to seven inches with brownish fur. As if that alone is not alarming enough, rats can grow to 18 inches long! These are considered small rodents on the grand scale of things, but they are still big enough to deal some damage.

Wild rodents like rats and mice will always be a health hazard when in the proximity of people. This is mainly due to their very long and prolific history of carrying fatal diseases. When these tiny rodents infiltrate your Irving home, everyone, including your pets, is at risk.

Beware The Worm Tailed Rodents

If you believe that rats and mice have breached your home, it would be best to intervene immediately. A few reasons and examples as to why these little rodents should be treated with caution are as follows:

  • Droppings
  • Hair and saliva
  • Food contamination 
  • Endless chewing

If you come into contact with contaminated food, you or your pets could become ill. Furthermore, many diseases that rodents carry are transmitted through saliva. However, their droppings and hair follicles alone can cause reactions of a sickly nature. 

The Tricky Rodents

Although this duo is of the more common rodents you might deal with, that doesn’t make getting rid of them any easier. You might have a better chance of eliminating other kinds of rodents by yourself that aren’t so small and slippery. However, one consultation, though small in the scheme of things, is that if you have rats you most likely don’t have mice and vice versa. 

While both of these small rodents are very similar, they are almost never found co-existing. This is due to the territorial streak in both mice and rats. However, rats being the bigger of the two, typically end up killing any mice in the area. As such, mice tend to stay away from rats naturally.

No matter which tiny rodents you find in your home, you will need a solid plan of attack when it comes to eliminating them. Both rats and mice will not go easily, and if you don’t handle the problem, you can find yourself with hundreds of dollars in damages.

Oh, Rats!

Setting aside the issues of cleanliness, there are a few more reasons why you might be in danger. Yes, contracting a disease from one of these little rodents can be dangerous, but so is property damage. Here are a few things to watch out for that might be caused by rats and mice:

  • Burrowing or nest building by ripping up insulation
  • Multiple holes in drywall
  • Water damage via chewed through pipelines
  • Electrical damage via chewed up wires
  • Load-bearing structural damage

These are just a few things, and many of these can result in a fire hazard within your home. Not only could this lead to costly repairs, but also loss of life. Don’t underestimate these nightmare houseguests and their ability to slip between the smallest of holes.

We Provide Peace Of Mind

Our team in the Irving, Texas area at Legacy Pest & Wildlife is the safest way to deal with your infestation. There are many DIYs on how to handle these tricky rodents, such as snap traps and poison. However, these can have dangerous results if not handled properly.

Furthermore, at Legacy Pest & Wildlife, you will get the most effective service that comes with a pest-free guarantee. When dealing with the rodents yourself, you can never be too sure given the rate they breed if you’ve got them all. With Legacy Pest & Wildlife at your back, you can count on us to never cut corners!

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