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How Do I Prevent Wasps From Hanging Out In My Irving Yard?

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  • date September 17, 2021
How Do I Prevent Wasps From Hanging Out In My Irving Yard?

Wasps are one of the most hated summer and fall pests because of their stinging venom. These stings are often quite painful, and they can also be dangerous in some cases, especially for those who are allergic. Because of this, having wasps around is rather scary, and most people in Irving, Texas want to know how they can keep wasps out of their yard.

Wasps are a large family of species that includes hornets and yellow jackets. But, while individual species vary somewhat in appearance and behavior, they do have some factors in common. For one thing, all wasps can be beneficial to the environment as they are pollinators, just like bees. Also, many species can help keep away other small insects that they consume as their prey.

However, just because wasps play a role in the ecosystem, it doesn’t mean they are good to have around your home or business. To help you deter wasps and keep yourself and your family safe, we’ve put together a guide with the best wasp prevention tips.

Wasp Identification

Wasps have long, slender bodies, and overall look sleek and aerodynamic compared to bees which are much more rounded. As far as color goes, markings and coloration can vary, but wasps are usually a combination of a black or brownish base color and some species have white, yellow, orange, or red stripes. Wasps also have hairless bodies while bees are fuzzy.

Five Wasp Deterrent Tips For Landscaping

Landscaping can go a long way in keeping wasps away from your yard. To help prevent them, you can focus on planting certain plants while avoiding others. Also, you should try to remove access to water sources as this can also draw them in.

  • Flowering vegetation can attract wasps, so don’t go overboard with these options.
  • Try planting things like rosemary, citronella, and sage to keep wasps away.
  • Make sure to not overwater your grass and plants.
  • Remove any standing water from around your property and make sure there is good drainage from rainfall.
  • Hot tubs and pools can attract wasps, so keep them cleaned with the correct chemicals and cycled water.

These tips can help lessen the chances of wasps settling in and nesting on your property.

A Few More Wasp Prevention Measures

Other than landscaping choices, there are a few other steps you can implement around your yard to keep wasps away. Wasps are attracted to the smell of sweet foods and drinks, so make sure to clean up anything you eat outside right away. You should also remove any pet food and store it indoors and get rid of any bird feeders. Lastly, fill up any holes in your grass as some species of wasp will make nests in these areas.

The Final Wasp Control Step

While taking your own DIY steps to prevent wasps can go a long way in reducing the risk of an infestation, wasps can still come around. The best way to prevent them is through ongoing home pest control from the experts at Legacy Pest and Wildlife.

If you do have a nest on your property already, it is unsafe to remove it on your own as this is when you’re most likely to be stung. Instead, let our technicians carefully and effectively remove these stinging insects. Give us a call today to learn more about Irving pest control and request your free inspection.

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