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What You Should Know If You See Termite Swarms In Irving

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  • date May 17, 2021
What You Should Know If You See Termite Swarms In Irving

After the rainfall, as the weather begins warming up, it’s common to see swarmer termites flying around. What do you need to know about swarmer termites? The first thing to understand is that termites live in a caste system. They all start as eggs, then turn into larvae, and then go one of three ways, depending on their role within the colony.

Larvae either become worker termites, soldier termites, or reproductive termites. In order to become reproductive termites, the larvae turn into nymphs and then become alates. 

Alates are known as reproductive termites, also called swarmer termites. These are termites with wings. They exist solely to reproduce and start new colonies. Termite swarms travel in groups, looking for new nesting areas where they can breed, grow, and spread their population.

Reproductive termites fly around in swarms and look for a breeding partner. They find a mate within their swarm and pick out the perfect location to start a new colony. Once swarmer termites couple up, they lose their wings and begin to reproduce. These two termites then act as the king and queen of the new colony. 

Then the entire cycle begins again. The king and queen reproduce, and those eggs turn into larvae, and so on.

Termite swarms are often the first and most visible sign of a termite problem, so it’s a good idea to be able to identify them. If you spot them, there’s a likelihood that you have a termite infestation on your property. Here are some points to note:

  • Swarmer termites emerge from the colony’s mud tunnels and gravitate towards sources of light. 
  • They’re commonly found in doorways, walls, and windowsills, leaving discarded wings wherever they gather. 
  • The swarms last about 30-40 minutes. In this time, the swarmers must find their mate and then look for soil where they’ll start their colony. If they cannot find any, they die of dehydration.

Know When To Call The Professionals

If you suspect any signs of a termite infestation on your property, call in the pest professionals right away. It’s the most effective approach to the situation.

However, if you don’t yet see any swarms or signs of termite activity, now is a good time to take preventative measures. To make your Irving property less hospitable to termite swarmers looking to establish a new colony, keep your firewood stores up off the soil and away from the foundation of your structure.

You should also make sure your soil is well-drained and keep vegetation trimmed so as not to provide easy access to the building. Reduce sources of excess moisture and maintain downspouts and gutters to direct water away from the structure. Additionally, you should try and keep outdoor lights turned off at night since light sources draw them. 

There are a variety of termite prevention tips out there, but at the end of the day, the best form of termite protection comes from professional assistance. The team at Legacy Pest and Wildlife is here to tackle all your termite control and prevention needs. To learn more about our home pest control plans or commercial pest control services or to start protecting your Irving property from the dangers of termite damage, give us a call today!

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