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Five Sure Signs Your Irving Home Has A Termite Problem

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  • date May 3, 2021
Five Sure Signs Your Irving Home Has A Termite Problem

Irving homeowners face a variety of pest-related threats, and termite damage is certainly one of the worst among them. Termites are small pests that look like ants, though they are slightly larger, measuring between an eighth of an inch and an inch long. Their body consists of two segments and they have a straight abdomen. Termites have antennae and a total of six legs. They vary in color between white, brown, and black, depending on what stage of their life cycle they’re in.

So, Why Are They So Threatening, Exactly?

Termites feed on cellulose, and they eat common construction materials that make up the structure of your home. They eat away at moisture-damaged wood around your property, seriously threatening the structural integrity of your home over time. Slowly but surely, termites erode the structural timbers of your house, making it an unsafe environment for you and your loved ones. 

Not only is termite damage a huge threat to your safety, but it’s also a big financial threat. The scope of the damage can be jarring, costing homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year. In fact, the NPMA (National Pest Management Association) estimates that U.S. home and business owners spend around five billion dollars annually on termite repair and prevention costs. 

What makes it worse is that most homeowners’ insurance plans don’t cover termite damage, further draining your finances and escalating the entire nightmare.

What Are The Signs Of A Termite Problem?

Obviously, it’s beneficial to be proactive. If you can detect early signs of termite activity and get ahead of the problem, you’re more likely to stop the spread of the infestation and minimize the damage done. To help you in your termite activity identification efforts, here are five common signs of termites to be aware of:

  • Tight-fitting doors and windows that are hard to open
  • Soft-clicking noises coming from inside the walls
  • The presence of frass and discarded wings in active areas
  • Visible cracks and crevices along the foundation
  • Wood that sounds hollow when you tap on it

Even if you don’t notice any of these signs, you should still be wary. Being proactive in your prevention efforts is also key to effective termite control.

How Can I Prevent A Termite Infestation?

There are a variety of ways to reduce attractions around your property and deter termites from infesting your home.

First, apply loose mortar or weatherstripping around windows and doors to block off entry. You should also seal up cracks and crevices around the foundation. One of the most important things to remember is to reduce excess moisture around the entire property by installing vent fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. That also means repairing plumbing issues such as leaky faucets and pipes and putting dehumidifiers in moisture-rich areas. 

It’s also necessary to be conscious of wood sources around your home. Get rid of any rotting or damaged wood from your property, and store woodpiles a good distance away from the perimeter of your structure. Also, always avoid wood-to-soil contact. 

Of course, the safest and most effective way to control termites around your Irving home is to seek out professional pest protection. If you see any signs of termites, don’t waste any time or money, and do what’s best for you and your family—go straight to your local Irving, TX pest control experts. 

The pros here at Legacy Pest and Wildlife can address all your termite control and prevention needs. To get started with effective termite protection for your Irving home, give us a call right away, and we’ll set up your initial inspection.

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