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Are The Wasps In Irving Dangerous?

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  • date August 13, 2021
Are The Wasps In Irving Dangerous?

Wasps can be beneficial for the ecosystem by reducing the pest population, and assisting with pollination. Wasps are generally categorized as either being social or solitary. Social wasps form colonies that may consist of hundreds or thousands of members.

Wasps are sometimes mischaracterized as bees. Wasps typically have a smooth exterior compared to bees, which are more likely to have small hairs. Wasps also generally have a more distinctive appearance, with a wider variety of colors and patterns. Most bees can only sting once; however, wasps are usually able to sting repeatedly.

Some of the most common types of wasps found in this region include:

  • Paper Wasps: They usually measure approximately one inch, and appear in colors including red, orange, and brown. They build “papery” nests that are composed of fibrous material.
  • Yellow Jackets: Often mistaken for honey bees, yellow jackets are black and yellow, and usually measure about ½ of an inch long. They will create both aerial or subterranean (below ground) nests.
  • Mud Daubers: Measuring roughly ¾ of an inch, mud daubers are solitary creatures that often appear as completely black, or have some yellow markings.
  • Hornets: Texas is home to the “bald-faced” hornet, which is actually a type of yellowjacket. They build “papery” nests with an entrance hole near the bottom.
  • Cicada Killers: These oversized wasps often measure 1.5 inches, and they prey on cicadas. Only the females are equipped with a stinger.
  • Mexican Honey Wasps: They are somewhat small, build nests in trees and bushes, and typically have a black appearance.

The Dangers That Wasps Pose

The presence of a wasp nest can hinder participation in outdoor activities, as they may attack if they feel threatened. In most cases, those who are stung by a wasp will experience a painful sting and some mild skin irritation. Those with an allergy to these pests may have much more serious reactions and need prompt medical attention.

Best Tips For Prevention

Limiting access to food is critical, such as keeping food and beverages covered during barbeques or picnics. Wasps are commonly attracted to meats and sugary items. Exterior trash cans containing food scraps should also have a tightly fitting lid.

Avoid leaving uneaten pet food in outdoor areas and consider repositioning hummingbird feeders further away. Promptly remove any fallen fruit from trees and overripe berries.

Walk around the exterior of the property to identify any crevices, cracks, or other voids that could potentially serve as a nesting site, and fill them by applying caulk or sealant. Any holes in the ground should also be filled to reduce nesting sites.

Why Contact A Pest Management Professional?

Have wasps or other stinging insects created a nest on your property? Avoid making the mistake of attempting to eliminate the problem on your own by purchasing do-it-yourself treatment options sold online and in local stores. Many of these products include aerosol sprays and traps that are often ineffective, create risks of getting stung, and could contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous to your health.

The best way of responding to these problems is to consult with a local pest controller that is properly trained and equipped to safely expel the pests. A professional will arrive and conduct a detailed interior and exterior property inspection to assess the nature of the problem, and develop a treatment plan. During this inspection, the technician might notice other existing property conditions that make you vulnerable to a future pest invasion.

Experienced Pest Extermination Company In Irving

The team of seasoned professionals with Legacy Pest and Wildlife has been successfully providing services for residential and commercial customers in the Irving region for many years now. We maintain a commitment to delivering the highest-quality customer service, and stand proudly behind the quality of our work.

We now use many of the latest products available in the industry to safely and effectively banish intrusions involving termites, rodents, bed bugs, and many other troublesome and potentially harmful pests. To schedule an on-site inspection and estimate, please contact our office today. We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest management services.

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